Use our experience to turn your disputed debts to cash in the bank

Use our experience to turn your disputed debts to cash in the bank

A commercial dispute with a customer or a supplier can if not resolved lead to a financial loss and in a lot of cases unnecessary legal costs. In addition to legal costs there are also the substantial costs to your business of preparing for and attending court. Furthermore, this process can take years to wind its way through the courts with no guarantee of any resolution. In addition, when legal action is initiated, both sides tend to “dig in”.

In some circumstances the only way forward is through the courts however, in most circumstances a process of dispute resolution should be considered.

If you are facing the problem of what to do with a disputed debt or a supplier dispute and are looking for an immediate solution? In the first instance you can contact us in confidence and we will take you through your options.

Your case will be treated with professional diligence and care. After an assessment is completed of the case we will set out the possible ways on how to move forward. Thereupon, we will use our unique approach to engage with the other party and work tirelessly to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

Our commercial mediation service has been resolving commercial disputes for over 15 years. Our service has been used by small, medium and large businesses all over Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Contact us in confidence to start the process of resolving your dispute at a fraction of the cost and hassle of court action