For over 25 years we have continuously worked with some of the largest Agricultural suppliers on the island of Ireland.  We have developed specific services for our clients who supply goods or services to the Agricultural industry.

Businesses that we serve range from the largest co-ops to the local family business. The products and services supplied by our clients are as follows.

  • Agricultural Consultants
  • Animal Feeds and Inputs
  • Concrete Products
  • Supplements and Chemicals
  • A.I.  Providers
  • Veterinary Services
  • Agri Machinery
  • Mart Services
  • Farm Accounts

Our services have been refined to reflect the exact requirements of our clients in the Agricultural Industry. Our approach is sensible, pragmatic and delivers results.

We offer a range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients in this sector.

Our services are as follows.

  • Background checking.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Balance recovery.

Client recommendations available on request

For more information please email or phone Niall 087 1124392 or 01-4061038.