Demand Letters

Demand letters are an excellent way of escalating the actions against debtors who are ignoring your requests for payment.

This debt recovery option is super quick, secure and cost effective. Furthermore, it allows your business to plan the cost in advance.

This solution can be used by any business of any size

The debtor will receive a payment demand or demands from the “National Debtors Bureau” which is a business wholly owned and fully controlled by us. The letters will instruct the debtor that payments should be made direct to you.

You can choose to send one or more payment demands to the same debtor. The demand letters can be sent to any address in Ireland, United Kingdom or Europe.

The demand letters are issued on professional quality stationery marked “Private and Confidential”. The letters will be issued every 7 days and can be registered (extra charges apply)

The letters are signed personally by the relevant debt recovery manager assigned to the case. In the event that your debtor rings us directly they will be dealing directly with the assigned manager. This will ensure consistency in all dealings.

This is a no commission debt recovery service.

Mail boxes filled of leaflets and letters. Shallow DOF.

By becoming a Client Member you can avail of additional benefits and further savings of Up To 30%

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Benefits to your company

  • Cost effective Collection (Up to 60% savings on Solicitors and Collection Agencies)
  • No commission charges on demand letters
  • Credit control staff can focus their time on live accounts
  • Budget in advance
  • Costs can be can be charged to debtor
  • Results focused
Each Per 100
Solicitors Demand Letters €30.00 €3,000.00
Collection Agency 1 €27.45 €2,745.00
Collection Agency 2 €35.00 €3,500.00
Our costs
Client Members €10.00 €1,000.00
Non Members €15.00 €1,500.00

Savings per number of letters used

1 €20.00
5 €100.00
10 €200.00
20 €400.00
50 €1,000.00
100 €2,000.00

Additional Benefits

  • Instant professional 3rd party escalation
  • Direct and Consistent follow up
  • Debtor can be diverted to us
  • Safe and Secure
  • Confidential
  • You maintain Control
  • No postage Fees
  • No hidden Fees
  • No recurring charges

How it works

  • Review your debtors ledger for non-paying debtors who have not responded to your collection efforts.
  • Select the debtors for action
  • Decide on which package you wish to use. (Contact us for best options)
  • Order your prepaid letters
  • We will email you confirmation and invoice for your records
  • We will issue the demand letters immediately
  • If no payment or contact is received then we issue next letter and so on
  • If you have ordered a single letter only and payment has not been received then you can order follow up letters to the debtor
  • Letters will continue to be issued to the debtor for the duration of the package unless we have been informed payment has been made.

To send a demand letter

Start the process of sending a demand letter, send us some info and we will start the process today!

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