Debt Recovery

What happens when a customer big or small lets you down by not paying their account?

You have dealt with this customer for a period of time, in addition you provided an excellent service and seem to have a good working relationship. However, this customer has now stopped making payments and significantly your calls or letters are being ignored.

This is a problem most businesses will encounter.

What are your options?

  • Write off?
  • Expensive Legal Action?
  • Debt Collection Agency?

Our Solution

We deliver a bespoke solution specifically designed to take full account of your instructions, that is assertive and focused in its pursuance of payment. A solution that also takes account of the previous dealings with the customer but at the same time is getting your debt paid.

We operate a same day debt recovery service which means we will on the day of instruction implement an immediate plan to get your debt paid.

Since 2001 we have been the first choice company to many well-known companies in Ireland and the UK (Excellent client references available on request). We have successfully recovered thousands of business debts for our clients. We specialise in planning our approach to resolving your bad debt problem. In addition, we will provide you with regular updates.

It is also important to note that we operate a client account so this means cleared funds received on your behalf are refunded to you on a monthly basis.

As far as we are aware we have the lowest debt recovery commission rates in Ireland also we only charge commission on recoveries, For these reasons we are the most cost effective service in the market.

We will deliver a professional, confidential, constant and consistent service.

All cases are pursued for a minimum period of six months.

We will pursue your debtors for late payment interest and additional charges.

We have packages to suit Small Medium and Large Companies. Also we operate every county of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Likewise we have also successfully resolved cases in Europe, Middle East, United States of America and Africa.

We have clients with bad debt problems ranging from one debt to multiple debts. Uniquely, Our service is available for debts which are outstanding for up to 5 years.

We know only too well that businesses with a bad debt problem require a bad debt solution that covers all of their bad debt accounts. Consequently. Our service is available for all debts large and small.

Take the first step

For your protection our debt recovery process is covered by a Confidentiality Agreement.