Credit Control Management

Ledger Vigilance and Risk management

Max Cash while you Minimise Risk

Running a small business or managing a large business is a constant challenge with many demands on time and resources. In essence, Your business takes a risk each time it makes a credit sale, Importantly, A business that provides credit facilities to customers as a basis to generate sales must have an effective cash collection and credit management culture.

Your business needs money to grow. Obviously, over extending credit to customers puts the money in their bank not yours.

Getting the right balance between taking a credit risk and getting paid can in reality provide a significant advantage over competitors.

How can this be achieved?

  • Change or improve the credit culture.
  • Be up to date with risk levels.
  • Monthly/ Weekly business relevant employee KPIs.
  • Implement/improve cash forecasting.
  • Implement a plan for your debtors.

Cash Forecasting

  • Implementing a 6 week rolling cash receipt forecast is a major benefit for all business. Firstly, It allows the business to plan ahead. At the same time it brings a significant amount of control to business managers.
  • Contact us for more information or to see a sample cash receipt forecast

Debtor Plan

  • In the first place, having an overall debtors plan can incorporate all of the elements required in successfully managing your risk level, increasing sales and getting paid. Additionally, a debtors plan also clearly identifies any issues that are disrupting the balance of increasing sales and getting paid.
  • To get more information on a debtor plan please get in touch.

Ongoing Control and Support

Getting the controls in place is just the start of it. In addition, we will continue to oversee the monthly controls for as long as is required. Also, we will provide peace of mind by closely monitoring particularly difficult accounts. In short, investing in your company’s overall approach to managing risk and getting paid is the right decision.

Getting the maximum return on this investment is where we come in.

We will work closely with you and your team to identify specific areas to provide support and mentoring. We will review your debtors ledger top to bottom in order to identify risks and potential risks. Together with your staff, we will develop and implement new processes to ensure the goals of your business are achieved.

We will continue to provide this support to your credit control team for as long as it takes. Our commitment is to provide you with the peace of mind of having a support service for you, your staff and your business. We take pride in providing this peace of mind.